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When news dropped that Dior was launching a berry shade of its cult-classic Addict Lip Glow ( $ 34 ), we had a tube delivered nightlong. ( After all, lip ointment is kind of our thing here at Byrdie, and Dior ‘s rule is one of our favorites ). The berry shade offers the same hydrate, nourishing ingredients we ‘ve loved for years—it ‘s packed with wild mango and Luffa cylindrica ( known for its anti-inflammatory properties ), plus SPF 10. But what caught our eye is that the modern Lip Glow shade seems richer than the lilac, coral, and rose hues presently available. Dior calls Berry # 006 a “ bluff plum ” that “ instantaneously awakens the lips, leaving behind a kissable wash of color. ”

This seemed like it had the potential to be the “ perfective ” lip ointment. But how does it look and feel in real biography ? To find out, we put this product to the ultimate test : Editors with three different hide tones tried it out and reported back. Keep scrolling for our honest review ( with photos ) !

Pros + Cons

Pros :

  • Hydrating
  • Subtle, buildable color
  • Works on multiple skin tones

Cons :

  • Very sheer on darker complexions
  • Reads more pink than berry on some
  • Very expensive

The Bottom Line : A great no-makeup makeup balm

Dior Berry Lip Glow has the lapp beautiful, hydrating formula as the early shades in the rate, with barely a affect more affect .

Dior Berry Lip Glow
Best For: No-makeup makeup days
Star Rating: 4/5
Active Ingredients: Mango butter, beeswax, loofa cylindrica seed petroleum
Clean?: yes
Potential Allergens: Mango butter
Price: $ 42
What’s Included: Product only
About the Brand: Dior is a high-end makeup trade name that specializes in deluxe complexion and color products .Dior Makeup Berry Lip Glow

Dior Makeup

Berry Lip Glow


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How to Apply : Multiple swipes for buildable color

Swipe onto dry, exfoliated lips. For extremely diaphanous semblance, apply one coat. If you ‘d like a bold expect, build to the desired pigmentation with several swipes .

The Results : A versatile tinted lip ointment

olive Skin spirit

Byrdie Dior Lip Glow
” The lip glow applied extremely smoothly and, after a couple of coats, gave my lips a pop of color a spot pink and bright than natural. I ‘m prone to chapped lips, so I appreciated how moisturizing the formula was while still delivering color—a great option to lipstick. The color was buildable but still resulted in a finish somewhere between a color and a lipstick. ” — Dacy Knight, early editor program

cryptic Skin tone

Byrdie Dior Berry Lip Glow
” The Dior Lip Glow went on superintendent smooth and felt very nourishing on my lips, which I loved ! however, when it comes to lip products, I go zero to 100 veridical quick ( translation : I either wear nothing but lip ointment or a super-pigmented lipstick or stain ). So I wish this intersection looked a little more pigment on me, but I was pleased with how it looked and would credibly wear this on the weekends while running errands or post-workout to look a small more put-together. ” — Aimee Jefferson, former editor program

Fair Skin tone

Byrdie Dior Berry Lip Glow
” I love high-impact sass color, but in the winter, my athirst lips are n’t always up for supporting a heavy flat lipstick. Pigmented lip balm sounds like a great alternative, but I have n’t found one that delivers both paint and hydrate, nourishing qualities .

” I dig Dior ‘s other Lip Glows for their incredibly moisturizing recipe, but for me, they ‘re a little besides absolute to wear on the reg. So I was thrilled to find that this one delivered more sex appeal. It ‘s rightfully buildable : One coat gives me a rustle of color while three or four coats produce a vibrant pink against my bazaar hide. Being finical about it, I suppose I do wish the product looked more berry than tap, but regardless, I can see myself reaching for this on low-maintenance makeup days when I want my lips to feel nutrify. ” — Amanda Montell, contributing writer

The Value : A high-end choice

There ‘s no denying it—this is a spendy intersection, particularly for a brim ointment. Depending on the retailer, you ‘ll pay about $ 40 for a single 0.12 oz tube. Most lip products tend to last a long time since you ‘re alone applying a small total with each use, but hush, the monetary value seems a spot excessive. No one needs to spend $ 40+ on a sass ointment, specially when there are great options at the drugstore .

similar Products : You have options

Maybelline Baby Lips Glow Balm : possibly the best victim out there is this $ 3 balm that, like Dior Lip Glow, reacts to the PH in your lips to create the perfect color and gives you a lightly plumped look without any irritation. The one downside compared to Dior is the lack of color range .

rms Beauty Tinted Daily Lip Balm : Another slightly more low-cost option at $ 20, the rms lip balm comes in four shades. Twilight Lane, a swerve berry, is credibly most comparable to the Berry from Dior. If you ‘re sensitive to mango butter, this one could be a good pick, as it gets its humidify properties from jojoba anoint, cocoa seed butter, and candelilla wax .

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Lip Pop : A color-adjusting balm-meets-non-abrasive scrub in this $ 22 product. Glow Recipe ‘s formula uses floral extracts with AHAs to exfoliate lips while hydrating with coconut and watermelon extract .

Our verdict : beautiful, but spendy

This is a big brim balm with a color that suits a variety of skin tones. That said, it ‘s on the expensive side for such a staple and is relatively well duped for less money. If you adore the Dior Lip Glow rule, the Berry ghost is worth the money. otherwise, there are other options that wo n’t hurt your bank history .

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